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Cash For Your Notes

National Note Cash Buyers provides solutions for note holders who 
would prefer cash today for their future payments.

We buy land contracts, mortgages, deeds of trust, and other sources of payments commonly referred to as "notes." Our affiliate staff has been assisting people like you for over twenty years, providing cash quickly and we always offer top dollar for your note.

When you sold your home or investment property, you decided to carry back a note for the new buyer. However, circumstances change, and many Noteholders would prefer cash today for their future payments. There are a variety of reasons people consider selling their payments for cash:

  • Retirement                                 

  • Divorce                                                                             

  • Taxes                                                                        

  • Investment opportunities

  • Expensive medical care

  • Vacation or college tuition

  • Unexpected financial changes

  • Peace of mind...being free from the worry of receiving late payments or having to foreclose on the buyer

  • Accounting nightmares, IRS regulations, and paperwork hassles

  • and the list goes on...

Seller Financing Specialist Services 

Many home and commercial property owners are considering Seller Financing in order to sell their property. Seller financing is filling the void that the conventional mortgage market has left behind. This Alternative Financing can be a scary prospect. We’re here to guide you through the processes and take the fear out of seller finance.

Using a Seller Finance Specialist to step you through the processes of seller financing is one more way to get closer to market value on your property, sell up to 70% faster and decrease the days on the market, and reduce the timeframe in which to close on your property even in this difficult economy. 

What does a Seller Finance Specialist Provide?

  • We help you make an informed decision rather than a blind one

  • We do more than just fill out paperwork. We take a 1003 credit application; verify credit scores, household income, financial institution balances, preceding house verifications plus much more.

  • We write quality notes that sell in the secondary market for 20–30% more than notes drawn up with only an attorney. Our notes replicate the documentation that banks create for loans.

  • We assist you with structuring, servicing and selling your Seller Finance Note. 


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